July 2002
Animal Friends


What's in Your Pet's Food
by Ann N. Martin

Animal Talk Cover Image

Compassionate Photo Contest
by Helen Fernandes

Homeopathic Pet Care
by Michael Goldberg, D.V.M.

Coexisting with Coyotes
by Robert Boelens

Innovations in Yoga
by Nateshvar Ken Scott & Kamini Desai

Spa Business is Healthy in B.C.
by Chris McBeath

Collecting Pro-Rep Signatures
by Guy Dauncey

Local Hero
by Patty Castle-Jansch

Raw Pet Food Diets
by Jill P. Cherrier

Summer Dreams
Earth's New Season by Guy Dauncey

Tired of Being Tired?
Health Answers by Dr. Jonn Matsen

Life Time
The Universe Within by Gwen Randall-Young

Shintoism and Konkokyo
by Reverend Roderick Hashimoto

Have Shelters Gone to the Dogs?
by Rob and Kilby Macbean