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August, 2002
Organic Earth First


Ten Reasons Why Organic Food is Better
by Guy Dauncey

New Diet for a Small Planet
Frances Moore Lappé interview by Robert Scheer

Food Independence from Farm Folk City Folk
by Herb Barbolet

Organic Food Under Attack
by Guy Dauncey

New School Grows Organic Farmers
by Dan Jason

Nonviolence in B.C.'s New Era
by John Nichol

Julia Butterfly Hill Arrested

Pro-Rep Update

World Organic Congress

Microwave Mutations
by William Hardman, D.TCM, R.Ac.

Take Time for Your Life
by Mansukh Patel

Antioxidants are Natural Sunscreens
by Alan C. Logan, ND, FRSH

Are You Good Neighbours?
Earth's New Season by Guy Dauncey

Organic Farming is Realistic
Science Matters by David Suzuki

Embracing Struggle
The Universe Within by Gwen Randall-Young

Debunking Fitness Myths
by Cat Smiley, ISSA

Hot Springs of the Kootenays
Transforming Travel by Robert Scheer

Warm Disks for Hot Days
CD Reviews by Chris Lazaroff