September, 2002
New Gifts of Health


The Death of Frankenfoods
by Ronnie Cummins

How to Stop Aging
by Dr. Michael Colgan

Preventing Heart Disease
by Julian Whitaker, MD

Recipe For Better Health
by Cory Holly

Lifelong Health for Children
by Sam Graci

Hormone Replacement Myths
by Dr. Karen Jensen, N.D.

Rejuvenating Troubled Waters
by Jennifer Granz

Becoming a Peacemaker
by Mansukh Patel

Keeping the Faith - Sikhism
by Harbhajan Singh Manocha

Fear of Excitement?
by Cat Smiley, ISSA

Stop Antibiotics Misuse
Science Matters by David Suzuki

Wind Energy Revolution Possible
Earth's New Season by Guy Dauncey

Soul, Conflict and Truth
The Universe Within by Gwen Randall-Young

Brandon Bays' Journey to Self
by Dawna Shuman

Letters to the Editor

Canada Urged to Oppose Iraq War
by Irene MacInnes

Why Terrorists Hate America
by William Blum

Canadian Kids Undernourished