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November, 2002
20 Years of Common Ground
1982 - 2002


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Common Ground celebrates 20 years of publishing
20 Years of Inspiration Moving Us Forward

Making A Difference of Peace - Deepak Chopra

Political Compassion - David Cadman

Class Action Law Suit to Save Hydro

My Story

Clayoquot - Not Out of the Woods Yet!

20 Years in B.C.'s environment by Guy Dauncey

Science Matters by David Suzuki

Earth's New Season by Guy Dauncey

Health Heroes In Action by Catherine Gabriel

Physically Tweaked by Cat Smiley

Yoga Trends, Beatles to Bikram


Two decades of entertainment by Robert Alstead

Deva Premal and Miten by Joseph Roberts

Films Worth Watching by Robert Alstead

Common Reader by Robert Scheer

CD Reviews by Abheeru & Kushad

Findhorn's Fortieth


The Universe Within by Gwen Randall Young


Thoughts Can Change Genes by Bruce Lupton


20 Years of Travel by Dwight Elliot