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May, 2003

  Common Ground

Cover photograph, “Two girls in a village near Hatra, Iraq” by Peter Langer

Peter Langer will be giving a series of travel talks on “faraway places in Asia”, combining photography and music, every Wednesday from
April 30 to June 4 at the Vancouver Museum (7:30pm).

May 7 - India
May 14 - Indochina
May 21 - The Himalayas
May 28 - The Silk Road
June 4 - Philippines



Peace is Cheaper than War - Dr. Mansukh Patel, Savitir MacCuish and Andrew Wells

War on Words - Tony Montague

Letters to the Editor

State of the Universe - Swami Beyondananda

Magnum Photographer in Vancouver - Tony Montague

Conference for the Dalit - Anne Ying Der

Heart of Hollyhock - Dana Bass Smith, Oriane Lee Johnston,
Shivon Robinsong


Lighthouse Park - John Henigman

Consumer Culture No Accident - David Suzuki


Celebrating Ten Years of Just Dance - Kushad and Abheeru

Manufacturing Reality in Film - Robert Alstead


Yoga for Mothers - Kareen Zebroff


Power of Gentleness - Gwen Randall-Young