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Vancouver City Council has approved the implementation of the first phase of a food scraps collection program for single-family residences.

Why is the City of Vancouver starting this collection program?

About 35 percent of garbage from single-family residences is comprised of compostable food scraps and remains, a large source of landfill-generated greenhouse gases. Composting keeps thousands of tonnes of organic materials out of landfills every year and produces a valuable resource.

When will food scraps collection start?

Curbside collection of food scraps began on April 22.

Who will be able to take advantage of this program?

Residential homes that currently receive City recycling, yard trimmings and garbage collection services.

Will apartment dwellers and businesses be able to take advantage of this program in the future?

The City is working with Metro Vancouver to develop plans for expanding food waste collection and composting to multi-family residential and commercial properties. Please visit for updates.

What food scraps will be collected?

In phase one, fruit and vegetable scraps, tea bags, and coffee grounds and filters will be allowed.

In phase two, scheduled for early 2011, all food scraps (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, bread, cereal products and food-soiled paper) will be allowed.

What container should food scraps be deposited in for collection?

Food scraps should be deposited in your yard trimmings cart with your yard trimmings.

How often will the City collect food scraps?

In phase one, combined food scraps and yard trimmings will be collected bi-weekly as per your current yard trimmings collection schedule. In phase two, it is expected that food scraps and yard trimmings will be collected weekly and garbage will be collected bi-weekly in order to minimize odours and insects from decomposing meat, fish and dairy scraps.

Is there a cost for this service?

There will be no change to the cost of collection services in 2010.

Where can I get more information?

The City will be providing more detailed information over the next couple of months. Please visit for updates.


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