Give me some truth, not semantics


WRITING ON THE WALL by Joseph Roberts


The word publish means “to make publicly known,” from the Latin publicare.

I have been watching events unfold in the world, with the intention of understanding the big picture. I struggle to grasp these events in order to be better informed. This edition of Common Ground is dedicated to understanding these issues so we can be free, rather than enslaved by believing in illusions. Here again, “The unexamined life is not worth living” or, at least, life loses its worth, like our public assets. Here are some observations:

Gordon Campbell’s newly appointed Chief Electoral Officer Craig James (no relation to Carole James, just the same initials and surname… a touch of NLP maybe?) stonewalled the start of the HST-related MLA recall of Ida Chong in the Oak Bay-Gordon Head riding. Craig James has rejected the Recall Petition, claiming it exceeds the 200-word maximum because, in his opinion, HST is three words and MLA is five, etc. Go figure why James is requesting that the Recall Petition and its accompanying 150 canvassers’ registration forms be redone. Bureaucracy to slow down democracy?

Nationally, Stephen Harper, with marching orders supporting the Washington Consensus, thinks our troops ought to stay in ‘Pipelinastan’ longer than the promised withdrawal of 2011. But, wait a minute; it’s all OK because Harper says our troops will be there only as teachers, trainers and friendly coaches, not warriors and killers. This twisting of language keeps our military in danger, against the majority wishes of Canadian citizens who want them home.

What the heck is going on when another $600 billion dollars gets dumped as Quantitative Easing into Wall Street the day after the US Midterm Elections? Why are China and Russia implementing the use of their own currencies for bilateral trade rather than being forced by the US-controlled IMF and World Bank to use American dollars? The war games off the coast of Korea feel eerily like the Gulf of Tonkin false flag incident, the war games that provoked the Vietnam War. A reader wrote, “This Russia/China trade thing is huge eh? What all the mainstream articles are leaving out is that this deal signals the world’s largest energy producer and the world’s largest rare earth producer taking both commodities off US dollar trading. It’s much worse than what Saddam did to them when he took Iraqi oil off the dollar and started trading it in Euros. Obama asked for it though when he went and printed all that money three weeks ago.”

Airport full body scanners, economic meltdowns, oil companies running parliament, pipeline proposals to connect Tar Sands with supertankers on our west coast, homelessness, our children destined to become the first generation both less educated and poorer than their parents’ generation, climate change and central bankers. All of these affect our economy and our healthcare. We need help figuring it all out; we don’t need privateers concealing their selfish agendas. We want honest, fair government, not a scheming pack of greedy, dishonest liars. I think the majority of Canadians would agree. Lets vote on it, eh?